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A distribution system that delivers

ATG Co Ltd is an established importer and distributor of medical disposables and consumables, medical devices, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals on the Maltese islands. The company was set up by Mr. Oliver Attard in 1992 and has grown over the years as it welcomed new partnerships. The mission of ATG Co Ltd is to ensure that the company delivers on the service quality it promises to its customers while adapting and growing according to the needs of the market. The markets that the company serves comprise of hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, private clinics, general practitioners, and industry.

The company believes in excellence and is dedicated in enhancing its customers’ lifestyles by providing them with products of the right quality at affordable prices. Focus on customer and quality and delivering value for money is of utmost importance to the success of ATG Co. Ltd.

The right brands at the right value

The company is committed to continually improve its products and services, and focuses its effort on nurturing quality principles and values through providing the necessary resources for the effective product and service realisation; measuring, monitoring and evaluating business processes and customer touch-points to ensure customers’ expectations are met and exceeded; empowering employees to contribute towards the maintenance of its quality management system to ensure compliance and continuity.

Mission statement

ATG Co.Ltd. holds true to their mission statement:

“To create a better healthcare system through the distribution of specialised products within the Maltese market.”

Truly accessible

By accessibility, we mean making quality healthcare available in terms of distribution and in terms of value for money. 

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