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Calypso The Gentle Breastpump (Electric)

Ardo Calypso Single Electric Breast Pump - Ultra Quiet for Expressing - Compact, Safe Breast Pump with Easy Operation - Mumsnet Best - BPA-Free - Swiss Medical Device


Ardo Calypso Upgrade Set


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Ardo Day & Night Pads x 60


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Ardo Day & Night Pads x 30


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Ardo Tube Connector For Pumpset


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Ardo Optiflow 26mm


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Ardo Lip Valve


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Ardo Perfect Fitting Nipple Shield Large x 2


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Ardo Perfect Fitting Nipple Shield Medium x 2


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Ardo Breast Shell Insert 26mm x 2


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Calypso Breastpump Upgrade


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Ardo Milk Bottle Complete With Cap & Liner


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Ardo Easy Freeze Breast Milk Bag x 20 – 180ml


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Ardo Easy Clean Microwave Bag x 5


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Benefits of using Ardo breast feeding products

Discover the Distinctive Benefits of Ardo Products and Elevate Your Experience.

NHS Approved

Ardo are proud to be an approved supplier to the NHS. Our electric Breast-pumps are used in NHS hospitals.

Award-winning Pumps

Having won two ‘Made for Mums’ Awards in 2022, Ardo stands as a leading provider of exceptional breast pumps.

Child Labour Free

Ardo is proud to be approved by the Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) for our anti-child labor stance.

Swiss Quality

Ardo is a Swiss family company which develops & produces high quality items in the medical technology sector.


Ardo is your responsible partner when working with the WHO (World Health Organization) International Code.

WHO Code Compliant

Always adhering to the WHO-CODE, Ardo safeguards mothers and babies by responsibly promoting breastfeeding and breast-milk substitutes.

Discover the difference

Safe, secure, sealed

Every Ardo breast pump has pump sets that employ the company’s unique “closed system” technology. This indicates that the silicone membrane pot included in the pump set has a vacuum seal, ensuring that the breast, breastmilk, and breast pump are all protected from contamination and disease.

The breastmilk and any pathogenic agents are completely separated from one another by this Ardo technology. Even when multiple mothers use Ardo Breast-pumps in a hospital setting, there is no risk of cross-contamination, giving moms peace of mind and safeguarding their milk and unborn children.

Created for you

A quality product adapts to its user. At Ardo we know very well that every mother is individual, with different personal needs, requirements, aspirations and ambitions. That’s why our philosophy of providing Ardo mums with the individuality they deserve, is behind every Ardo product we design, develop and produce. As an Ardo mum, this means that you can make your own choices, whilst asking for our support at any time.

  •  Choose whether to use our electric Breast Pumps as either a single or double pump.
  •  Select the individual breastshell which suits your body best, depending on the changing size and shape of your breasts and nipples while you are breastfeeding.
  •  Express your precious breastmilk and store in the Ardo Easy Store breastmilk storage bags, at a time that’s convenient to you, to store or freeze it ready for when your baby needs it.
  •  Convert the Ardo pumpset simply and cost-effectively into the Amaryll manual Breast Pump by purchasing the Ardo Kombikit.
  • Quickly sterilise your pumpsets in the microwave using Ardo Easy Clean microwave bags – saving you precious time in your busy life as a parent!
  •  Relieve sore nipples with our Ardo 100% pure lanolin Gold Cream, which is completely safe to leave on the nipples when breastfeeding.

Swiss Made

Approved NHS Supplier

WHO Code Compliant

Child Labour Free

What customers have to say about Ardo Products

Uncover the authentic voices of our valued customers and explore their experiences with using Ardo products.

The most important part of Sterillium® is the science and the people around our product. Those that work every day to improve its effectiveness, secure its quality and research for infection prevention. As well as the ones using it to protect the lives of others – the lives of you and your loved ones.

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