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Antinol®️ aids joint health and supports day-to-day comfort and mobility for your dogs & cats.  Containing a unique, sustainable, proprietary marine lipid concentrate –  backed by world-class science, it is natural and safe for long-term use.


Why use Antinol?

Witness the transformative power of Antinol® and its power to revolutionize the lives of your furry companions.

Helps Support Skin & a Healthy Coat

This supplement even helps nourish and support the health of your pet’s skin and coat, enhancing their overall well-being inside out.

Supports Joint Comfort & Mobility

Antinol supports your pet’s joint comfort and mobility by offering a natural, highly concentrated, and bioavailable solution that is free from mussel powder.

Clinically Proven

Experience the confidence of knowing that Antinol is backed by clinical evidence, providing proven support for healthy mobility in dogs and cats.

Safe for Long-Term Use

Rest assured knowing that Antinol is a safe and reliable choice for long-term use, providing ongoing support for your pet’s joint health and overall wellness.

What customers have to say about Antinol Products

Delve into the invaluable experiences and testimonials of our valued Antinol customers, as they share their thoughts about Antinol and how it shaped their pets’ wellbeing.

Discover the difference

What is Antinol?

Antinol is a super potent blend of Geen-Lipped Mussel oil containing over 90 essential fatty acids, including Omega-3 fatty acids, encapsulated in an orange-red capsule.  Green-lipped Mussels are processed at our world-class extraction facility within 2 hours of harvesting, ensuring they retain their active goodness.

They are stabilised and freeze-dried before undergoing our unique proprietary supercritical fluid extraction technique.  This technology is head-free; protecting the active ingredients to ensure they highest quality oils are packed into Antinol.

  • Contains no mussel powder
  • Proprietary extraction
  • Natural goodness
  • Contains beef gelatine

Created for you

We are conscious that the pet supplement industry is full of myths and over-exaggerated claims.  Our founder was determined to produce a supplement for his dog that is of the highest quality and clinically PROVEN to work.  We have more published and presented clinical studies than many other osteoarthritis supplement in the world – so you know you’re buying a product that is clinically proven to work.

Up to 90% of pet owners saw a difference in their pet’s mobility using Antinol.  We are confident Antinol will help your pet too.  Unlike other products, Antinol contains no mussel powder.  Mussel powder is a waste product of our production process.  Our proprietary extraction process concentrates the fatty acids in the capsule and means that the capsule has 20 times more fatty acids than the freeze-dried mussel powder.

Being better. Naturally.

Antinol is a super potent natural joint + wellness supplement that is changing dogs’ and cats’ lives for the better.  Up to 90% of pet owners saw a difference in their pet’s mobility whilst using Antinol.

Each tiny capsule is made from a proprietary blend of marine lipid oils that are fully traceable, sustainably sourced and free from artificial preservatives, colours and additives.  

Use daily for joint and mobility support and as a wellness supplements for those looking to be proactive about their pet’s health.

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