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Benefits of using Sterillium Hand Disinfectant

Discover the distinctive benefits of using Sterillium products to maintain a healthy body.

Refreshing Feel

Thanks to its hydrating properties, Sterillium leaves your hands feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Tested and Approved

This alcohol-based hand sanitiser is clinically proven to effectively prevent infections within all areas of healthcare, and is proudly compliant with EU standards.

Kind To Your Skin

Sterillium stands out as a skin-friendly solution, recognized for its effectiveness in killing germs, lipid replenishing and maintaining the skin’s natural pH.

Fast Acting

With rapid skin absorption and instant disinfecting properties, Sterillium is a quick and efficient sanitising solution.

Hydrating & Replenishing

Sterillium offers the added benefit of hydrating and replenishing the skin, promoting optimal hand hygiene with a moisturizing touch.

Trusted Brand

With a rich legacy spanning over 50 years, Sterillium has earned its reputation as a trusted brand, providing reliable and effective hand hygiene solutions.

Sterilium is available from all leading pharmacies.

How does Sterillium care?

Why We Care

The most important part of Sterillium® is the science and the people around our product. Those that work every day to improve its effectiveness, secure its quality and research for infection prevention. As well as the ones using it to protect the lives of others – the lives of you and your loved ones.

How We Care

Fighting for patient safety and preventing infections has remained our mission since 1965. But the story behind our blue bottle is not quite so static. Every day, we aim to improve our impact on infection prevention and a better hygiene around the world.

What We Can Do For You

In general, you can maintain good hand hygiene at home by simply washing your hands with soap and water and drying them well afterward. Sterillium® is an effective disinfectant that is needed most in healthcare environments and is provided to these institutions accordingly. When our supply allows it, Sterillium is also made available to private persons in pharmacies and drug stores.

Discover the difference

Safe, secure, sealed

Sterillium®, the trusted classic among alcohol-based disinfectants, prioritizes safety, security, and sealed packaging to ensure a reliable and hygienic solution. With comprehensive antimicrobial activity, excellent skin tolerability, and the added benefit of moisture replenishment, Sterillium® offers a safe and secure hand disinfection experience you can trust. Moreover, its sealed packaging guarantees the integrity of the product until it reaches your hands, and provides an added layer of security and peace of mind.

Created for you

Sterillium has been specifically created with your well-being in mind. With a focus on efficacy, safety, and user convenience, Sterillium offers a comprehensive range of products designed to meet your hand hygiene needs. Each formulation is carefully crafted to provide reliable antimicrobial activity, ensuring the elimination of harmful microorganisms while maintaining excellent skin tolerability. Whether you’re in a healthcare setting or simply practicing good hygiene in your daily life, Sterillium is here to protect you and those around you. Experience the peace of mind that comes with using a hand disinfection solution created exclusively for your safety and well-being. Trust Sterillium to keep your hands clean, refreshed, and protected, every time you reach for it.

  • Sterillium is designed with your convenience in mind, offering a user-friendly application and easy integration into your daily routine.

  • Each Sterillium product has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its effectiveness and safety, giving you the confidence that it meets the highest standards.

  • Apart from disinfecting your hands, Sterillium also takes care of your skin. Its formulation includes hydrating and replenishing ingredients, keeping your skin moisturized and nourished.

  • This cutting-edge sanitizer is specially formulated to be quickly absorbed into your skin, allowing you to go about your activities without any greasy or sticky residue.

  • Due to its comprehensive antimicrobial activity, Sterillium works swiftly to eliminate harmful microorganisms on your hands, providing you with rapid protection.


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What customers have to say about Sterillium Hand Disinfectant

Discover the invaluable feedback and experiences of our esteemed customers as they share the effectiveness and benefits of using Sterillium.

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